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Master of Karate Award…You see nothing!

So, not only has my blog passed the 200 post landmark this week, I was also given this amazing blog award.  This is the “Master of Karate and Friendship” Award.  Given to me by a great friend whom I met through 20SB, Kris, who blogs at Because or Why Not.  One day I hope to convince her to come out here to Utah to do some snowboarding!  It is certainly an honor to receive this award from her, and if you want to see what she wrote about me and why she chose me, just click the link above to her blog!

Naturally, I wanted to find out the history of this award, and thankfully, the creator left a watermark on the image so it was easy to find the origins of this award.  It is actually a relatively recent award as it was launched January 25, 2010.  According to the creator, recipients of the award are supposed to list six things that they are the master of and pass the award on to six people.  The passing it on thing might be a little bit hard will require some thinking.

So, six things that I am the master of (this sounds really egotistical, but it is kinda fun):

1) I am a Master Electrician for theatre.  I suppose some might think of this as a little bit of a cop-out because it is my job and my title, but it is true.  I may not know all of the cool tricks in the book yet, but I am darn good at what I do.

2) I am a grill master.  Want something BBQ-ed?  I can do that.  In the spring and fall I run barbeques at the theatre and I get lots of compliments.  I am one of the few people that my mother will let grill steaks for her because i get them done the way she likes!

3) I am a web master.  I suppose it kinda goes without saying, but I run multiple websites, know a fair bit of code and give out lots of help to others in this department.

4) I am a master muti-taskter.  Yup, I can run lights, chat and write blog posts at the same time.  It may not be a good thing all the time, but I can do it.

5) I am a Macintosh and Hackintosh master.  It’s true folks, have mac issues, I can probably help you.  I do software and hardware.  I have been knee deep in iBooks and I can turn your Windoze machine into a Mac and make your life better.

6) I am the master of my own fate! Life is what we make of it, best to make sure that you are behind the wheel of your own life!

Now for the really tough part, people that I would pass this award along to.  Most of my blogger friends have already received this award, so hopefully I won’t hit any of them again (they all deserve it!).  I know that in all reality I am not obligated to pass this award on at all, let alone on to six people.  I will try.  Maybe I will just pass it along as I find people to pass it along to.

First off, I want to pass this award on to the person who is really the best friend that I could possibly have.  She is the person who I come home to every night, knows how to cheer me up when I need it, and she also has a blog!  So, the first recipient of this award from me is my girlfriend, Ruth over at Ruthie’s Ramblings.

Next I would like to give this award to Amanda over at Steeling Spoons.  She was one of my first interactive followers.  I haven’t seen any new posts from her in a while, but I have always enjoyed reading her blog.  She has some wonderful stories to tell.  So, stop by and check her out.

I’ll have to keep thinking about who else. I will add them when Come up with them.






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