I have no idea what to put here

So, i don’t know why i get the urge to write things in the middle fo the fracking night, but i do, and thus my computer lives not to far from my bed, or even right next to it. But anyway.

I have tryed so many different things in my life. I have started things, tanken lessons for things, had hobbies, and so many have been so short lived (and often expensive). I don’t get it, and i just lay down to go to sleep and then boom, there i was thinking about all of these things that i did, or tried, or did half assed, like taking piano lessons, last semester’s month of drawing. Model rockets. So impulsive, and then i start something, and i have to have the best of whatever it is, or all of the materials i could possibly need, like a tablet for my computer, and yet it sits and collects dust right now. I just don’t get myself sometimes. I suppose if nothing else, there is one thing that i am dedicated to, and that is Bex. Here is me, running up and down the hill to the theatre to bring her warmer clothes. Ok, i mean i know i gave her a hard time about it, but it i do it because i feel empty without her.

Kind of makes me depressed that so many of my friends are breaking up with their boyfriends or girlfriends. I can’t name anyone because I promised all of them that i wouldn’t. It does make me feel that what bex and I have is very precious, and hard to come by, and i hope that it never goes away.

Ok, i’m spent, that was my burst of whatever for tonight






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