Into Another Wacky Week

Shhhh!  Did you hear that?

Yeah, that was my silence for the last couple days.  I suppose it is no biggie as I never claimed to try to blog every day!  However, we are into one of those weeks where time is very short.  We are into working on the final show of the season and then couple that with the fact that it is Passover and guess what?  I have not a lot of time to surf the tubes or write.  So, since I have a few minutes I thought I would let you know what is going on.

Monday night I was invited over to the Cantor’s house for the first Passover Seder.  For those who don’t know, the Seder is a service and dinner to celebrate Passover.  This is the second year running that I have been invited by the cantor and his wife to celebrate with them and their other guests.  Thankfully, with the current schedule for hang and load-in at the theatre, I was able to move around my work calls so that I could go to the cantor’s for the seder.  There are definite benefits to running your own department!  While it is not quite the same as being with my family, I don’t know if there is any place that is any more welcoming and fun to spend this holiday!

In my traditional style I arrived early and was happy to be put to work helping to set up and prepare food.  I like helping out around the kitchen, and given that the cantor’s wife is a little to short to see over the pot of soup, she was very appreciative of the help.  Besides, it is matzah ball soup, you just can’t go wrong with that!

The Seder itself was very fun and interesting.  I really enjoy the insight that is brought to the text and the ritual by the cantor.  We had a lot of very interesting conversations and of course we had plenty of singing.  It is actually written in the text that the rabbis of old would sit up and tell the story of Passover over and over until it was time for the morning prayers.  Form this we learn that there is always something to learn no matter how well you know the story.  Also, I think it is the justification for how long the cantor’s seder goes.  I don’t think we got to the eating part until about 10PM.  It didn’t really matter though as we were having a good time.  I ended up bowing out at around midnight and they were still singing!

Tuesday started off with a bang.  I totally forgot about the production meeting that we were supposed to have that morning until my computer and my phone started beeping at me.  At least I was awake!  I threw on some clothes and raced up to the theatre and made it in time to not owe donuts or bagels next time.  I was also really happy to see that our TD had brought bagels, since I hadn’t had the chance to eat anything as I rushed out the door.  In fact, I was moving so fast I didn’t even tie my shoes!  Ironically, it was probably a meeting that I could have gotten away with not being at and I didn’t really have anything to say and no one really hand anything for me.  Such is the way of things I guess.  After the meeting I had time to head back home to actually shower and put on clean clothes.

So we started hang a day late (yesterday) and things are moving along well.  This show is not super huge even though it is a big musical, so we are happy.  I even managed to find the time to head over to Skyline High School to do a little workshop on VectorWorks yesterday as well.  It is just the being at the theatre until after midnight that is a killer.  If we hadn’t had to ferry weight up to loading deck to fly out our last to electrics, life would have been easier.  It happens.

So this is what my life is looking like right now.  I should have a little free time next week and then back to the grind.  I am sure that I will find some time to do some writing in there, so stay tuned!






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