It’s not so bad

Ok, so the changeover was actually very fast and easy tonight, so my moaning and groaning earlier was not necessary. Dan and I actually finished all the colors before Jesse finished the patch, pretty impressive. Now I actually do get a chance to catch up on some zzzzzs. I kinda figure tomorrow will be light, I think Dan is spending a lot of time in rehearsals so her can develop cues.

I am puzzled by people sometimes. Why do some people just loose the desire to communicate? People who were more than friends, people who devoted part of their lives to eachother. I mean i can understand why sometimes relationships don’t work out, And I know that sometimes some people just for one reason or another separate on poor terms. I am just bothered by the fact that people who were such good friends can turn around and not care anymore.

We are all people, and we need people to care about us, and to pay attention to us. I know that some people demand a lot more care than others, but I don’t even really know where this train of thought is going. I just know too many people who have come out of relationships and then felt cut off and/or replaced, and I just don’t understand how friends can do that. So, I try to be there for people who need someone to think about them or need sompne to lean on. I feel bad when people are upset, and I like to help, and it is too bad that it seems like there aren’t a lot of people out ther who will do that.






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