Jumping Over the Fire

So, today, well yesterday really, I came up with a much better title for my journal. It is there now, after a few singed leg hairs and maybe a tiny bit of melted soles I think that it kind of describes my life. Jumping over the fire you ask, well it was Saturday night and of course that means that it was “Barn Bat” at the Weathervane. Being that I have the wonderful 20 minute drive home every evening you wouldn’t find me under the ice block doing shots, though I did get some pictures of most other people. So I joined the tamer side of the party sitting around the campfire when Nate decides to put a palette on the fire, at which point we take amusement in walking over the palette over the flames. As the fire grew we decided to jump over the fire. I probably jumped it four or five times, and I think i was the only sober one to do that. (then of course Corey treis to jump it, clears it and skides on the wet grasss under the log bench, that was good for a laugh) Then it was decided that I should write a book entitled Jumping Over the Fire. Well, I think the journal is a good place for starters.

Well, my parents decided to come up and visit this weekend. That was interesting when i got home on thursday night and there was their car in the driveway, and they hadn’t told me they were coming. It was only a little awkward moment because Becca was with me, but it all worked out in the end.

Over the past week, i have been inspiring myself to go out with my camera and take more pictures. I used to take so many, and now i think i will finally get back into it. I have shot a lot of film over the past week which is really exciting. I have to figure out if it is going to end up being cost effective to take film to the local places to have it processed or to sign back up with PhotoWorks. I will find out tomorrow i suppose when i go to pick up my film from the Balsams. The big plus to PhotoWorks is that you get a new roll of film for every one you send in. But i guess we can compare, I know that 2 sets of 4×6 prints plus a CD is $18 from photoworks, we will just have to see how the LIttleton photo plave stacks up. But i will tell you one thing, i won’t be taking my fil to the drugstore or walmart, I like a little more professionalism. As it turns out Dad might even begetting me a new lens for my camera, so that would be cool.

I don’t have much more at the moment, and bex is climbing back into bed so i think i will sign off for the night. 😉






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