Looking Ahead

As my parent’s visit to Salt Lake City came to an end they did offer me some great things.  First off I finally got a new pair of ski pants.  I have been skiing in my old Spyder pants for a really long time and they are starting to show their age as well as not really fitting well.  I did have to go back to REI to exchange the pants as the first pair was a funny cut that didn’t quite fit right, but I think I have landed on something that I am happy with.

Additionally, my father found a photo workshop that looks like it should be interesting.  The workshop is down in Moab and it is run by the Nikonians Academy.  I was going to do a similar workshop last summer, but that one was cancelled due to conflicts that the hosting photographer had.  I was kind of bummed out about that.  At that point in time, the workshop was going to be birthday gift for me from my parents, so they made me the same offer on the upcoming one.  So, I am all signed up to go on a photo workshop this summer down in Moab, which should be a lot of fun.  I think that doing something lie this will be good for me as a photographer.  I will get to meet new people and learn something, and hopefully continue to develop my eye.

Other than that, with my parents back in Boston it is back to business as usual here.  We continue to run “Touch(ed)” and I hope that people continue to come.  Monday night is the archival photo call, so keep your eyes open for the new photos to be posted sometime on Tuesday.  I can’t imagine that this will be a difficult show to shoot, if nothing else it should be fast, there are not a lot of actors or scenes.  We will also start work on the next show, “Twelve Angry Men” next week, but it should be another small one and hopefully there will be time to get more skiing in.

The forecast for next week has lots of snow in it, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.  If there is anyone who needs a ski buddy at Snowbird, Alta, or Deer Valley, let me know!






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