Monday’s on Music #3: Ski Songs

Over a winter I get out and do a lot of skiing. Last season I had something like 50 ski days, and this year I am still working on my count. One might say that I am a regular ski bum, but I can be due to the fact that A lot of the work that I do at the theatre is in the evening. It is really a great life!

A good portion of the days that I go skiing, I go by myself. NOt many of my friends have as flexible a schedule as I do. One of the things that keeps me going through the day is having a song in my head. Having a song keeps my skiing rhythm going, and I think it must help keep me focused. The crazy thing is that the songs that get stuck for a ski day are often the most random.

The other day I found myself singing “You’re the top” from Anything Goes!. I would be cruising through the powder singing out loud, but sure as anything I was making pretty turns. I also commonly find myself humming the soundtrack to Pirates of the Caribbean as I make my way down the mountain.

I know that I am not the only one who gets a tune stuck in their head while skiing. My uncle does the same, though his repertoire is slightly smaller. For him, the runs that are cruisers are “Santa Baby Runs.” Personally I don’t find “Santa Baby” to be a particularly great song for skiing, but when you ski a lot around the christmas season it can be catchy.

Generally I feel like I have my own personal soundtrack playing in my head most of the time. I like to actually listen to music too. When I get in the car I love to put on what I call “Epic Driving Music” which usually consists of soundtracks from epic movies. It is just fun.

What music defines the soundtrack of your activities? Do you have music or songs that get stuck in your head when you go running or to the gym or hiking or biking?






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