Music on Mondays

So, I have had a song stuck in my head for weeks, maybe months.  I have even started to learn it on the guitar.  What song you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you.  Fireflies by Owl City.  It is only on the radio every  day.  Sure, generally I listen to classic rock stations, but i mean really, sometimes you just have to surf for something different or to avoid the commercials.  Though sometimes it seems like every station goes to commercials at the same time…. Whatever.

So, what is it about this song that is so great?  I am not really sure, but it sure is catchy.  I think that the first time that I heard the song was at camp last summer because I am pretty sure that it made it into one of the promotional videos for the camps.  Not sure if it had the words or if it was the just the instrumentals in that.  Then, a little while back I got a tweet that Ithacappella, the men’s acappella group from  Ithaca College (my alma mater) had a video of them singing Fireflies with the PS22 chorus.  It is actually a great video and arrangement of the song that went pretty viral on youtube.  While this may be a little late coming, here is the video:

I suppose maybe the biggest thing about the song is that it speaks to the inner child in a lot of people.  How many people tried to capture fireflies in jars are kids?  I usually still find fireflies to be pretty fascinating when you are sitting out on a summer evening.  I think maybe the fact that the song speaks on that level, the level of innate wonderment with the world that probably keeps it pretty popular.

It will certainly make a great song for campfire at camp this summer.  I bet most of the kids (the girls anyway) will know it and be able to sing along.  I like finding songs that get people involved or singing along!






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