My First Christmas

My 'Jew' Stocking Yup, the jew did just say that!

I was invited to sped Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Ruth and her family, that was certainly a first for me. It is definitely a little different and I sorta find it kinda awkward, but it was fun. I was probably the only one thinking it was awkward, and that probably only stems from being Jewish and not believing in what Christmas is all about.

I have to say, I enjoy spending time with Ruth and her family. They do their big dinner on Chrismas Eve, which is ironically a Jewish kinda mentality in starting the holiday the night before. Steve made a great dinner with turkey, ham (which I don’t eat), taters, rolls and more. We forgot to make the salad, so we didn’t end up having one. It happens.

After dinner we all watched Pixar’s “UP” which I hadn’t seen yet, so that was a lot of fun. All five of us “kids” piled into the living room to watch the movie. Midway through the movie we all got to have some of Steve’s cheesecake with caramel sauce, which was great.

Before going back to the movie we started in with the Jones’ traditions which include the opening of a Chrismas Eve gift which is always PJ’s. So we all got awesome hand made fleece PJ pants made by Ruth’s mother, they are pretty comfy. Ruth’s mother also made me the “Jew Stocking” (pictured above) that was hung with the rest of the stockings.

To the sound of Wendy’s most annoying cell phone alarm we were roused out of bed at 5:45AM for the Christmas morning festivities. I managed to score us a few more minutes of sleep by staying down as long as I could. They aren’t allowed to open presents without the entire family and they aren’t allowed to wake their parents without all of them being there.

There were lots of fun gifts, lots of things that people were excited to get, and then there were the projectile weapons. Yup, all the boys (Steve, Rob, and me) got marshmallow shooters. A bow and arrow one and a pump action one that shoot the mini mallows and a crazy single shot bolt action one that shoots big mallows. As can probably be imagined, hyjinx ensued. There were flying marshmallows all morning and mallows smushed into the carpet and into new PJs.

On top of all that, there was even a “Legendary Original, Red Rider 200 Shot carbine action, range-model air rifle…” Well it was actually a 600 shot and it didn’t have a compass and this thing which tells time built right into the stock. It was for Wendy, and she was pretty excited. She even managed to almost pull off an “A Christmas Story” moment when she took it out in the back yard, missed the target and had a BB ricochet around the yard off the fence. Pretty exciting, it even made the classic ricochet sound.

I very much appreciate the hospitality of the Jones’ and the gifts that I was given. It was a lot of fun, though I have to say, I am pretty darn tired now. The funny thing is that, according to Ruth, her mother wants to celebrate Hanukkah next year. I find that interesting because Hanukkah isn’t really a big deal holiday, but it is nice that they think of me like that.






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