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For 18 years I grew up living just outside of Boston.  Then I went to college, worked on a cruise ship and moved to Salt Lake City.  needless to say, since high school I have spent less and less time around the Boston Area.  I was never great with getting around in Boston, there are few people who really are (my father happens to be one of those people).  I knew how to get from home to the places that I frequented, though generally I got around places west of Boston better than Boston itself.

So, here I am, back for a week visiting family and in town before my sister’s graduation.  What has happened?  Well, my brother now has an apartment in Boston and this is where it all started.  Ironically, the first time that I ever went to his apartment I didn’t have any issues getting there or getting back home.  For having never been there before, I was pretty impressed with myself.  Of course, the second time that I dropped him off at his place, I got totally turned around and messed up.  not sure entirely what happened, but when I finally found some landmarks that I knew I managed to get myself home.

Now cut to today.  My great aunt (that is my grandmother’s sister on my mother’s side) took me out for dinner at a relatively new restaurant in the Legacy Place shopping center.  This is in Dedham which is essentially south of Boston and Newton (where my family lives).  Well, getting out there was simple, and really, if I had just gone back the way that I had come, the return trip would not have been such an adventure.  Instead, I figured that I would take a different route home that I probably should have been able to navigate, but seeing as I haven’t been down that way in years and it was dark, well it didn’t turn out so well.  I pretty much ended up in Boston as opposed to Newton and the trip probably took an extra 25 minutes.  At least my aunt and I had a good laugh about it.

Normally I can navigate pretty well, but I think that I have some kind of block with regards to the Boston area.  I can do Newton and west and I can do New Hampshire and Maine and Utah (which is a breeze).  I am generally pretty decent with new places and can often find my way once I have been someplace once.  I just can’t seem to figure out the major city right next to where I grew up.  So strange.

Always an adventure, that is for sure.






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