Old Friends

Chatted with an old friend this evening. Actually she talked to me first, seems she was thinking of me, related to a situation that one of her friends is in. Funny how we loose touch and sometimes don’t. Think the last time we saw eachother was back in Freshman year when i passed through Dartmouth on my way to Franconia with my friend Ben for a ski trip. We ought to connect again. Tried to the last few times that I was up in Hannover visiting my brother, but it never seemed to work out. It will happen, just have to think about it.d

Happy that my brother is going to try to come visit this semester. Freaked out by the fact that i registered for classes for my last semester in college. Tired.

Did play a fun game during props this morning as Binky couldn’t get in on time due to a doctor’s appointment. Steve, Merlin, and I fashioned a ball out of foam and beat it around the field with pieces of scrap wood. It was a lot of fun, and it helped some people blow off some stress and actually have a good time for once in the past couple weeks.

It will be nice after Grease! opens tomorrow. Maybe things will start to get back to normal-ish, and i won’t spend so much time home alone with everyone gone to tech or something. We shall see. To bed with me, sleepy time.






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