One Fish… Two Fish…

What is it about fish that truly fascinates people?  We have a fish tank that is now home to two African Dwarf Frogs, two Neon Tetras and four other tetras of a variety that I can’t remember.  When you think about it, the fish really don’t do much other than swim around the tank, and yet, we are still completely fascinated by them.  I have found myself standing around watching the fish for pretty good chunks of time every now and then.

It was only this weekend that we added the four tetras and the new frog.  The tank had just been feeling a little bit empty so we headed down to the fish store “Fish-4-U” to see what they had.  Fish-4-U is a great local fish store that is totally run by hippies.  We like going there rather than to one of the big chains as not only do they really know their stuff, but it is nice to support local businesses.  I think that I could spend a lot of time just hanging out at the store watching the fish.

Then of course you have to choose what fish you want.  We knew that we wanted another frog.  They are really kinda cool and add a different dimension to the tank community.  That is another thing that you have to think about when adding animals to the tank, how they play with others.  Since we have a community tank all of our animals have to play well with others so that they all survive.  Then we also have to think about how some fish like to school and you have to have enough of them so that they can school.

All things considered, taking care of a fish tank can actually require some serious attention especially if you have a big tank, which we don’t.  Sure, you can’t play with your fish like you can with a puppy or a cat, but they can certainly be entertaining.  Our tank provides some nice color to our living room and a little bit of excitement every now and then.

Then of course there are people like Ruth and I who SCUBA dive.  Sure seeing fish is not the only thing to do while diving, but seeing the sea life is one of the primary things people dive for.  And there is also fishing.  Personally I have never really seen the appeal, but some people just love to go fishing.  I have been fishing before, and sure it is fun to hang out with other people, but you can do that over anything.  I certainly can’t remember the last time that I caught anything.  I have always felt like going fishing was just a setup for being disappointed.  My grandfather on the other hand has caught many a fish that were pretty darn tasty.

So what is it that causes so much interest in water and the creatures that inhabit it?






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