My Blog: A Celebration of History

This post is the 200th entry on my blog.  I have entries that date back to 2005 on here.  It is true that this domain and WordPress were not always the home of my blogging, but to me, it is all the same.  It is the collection of my thoughts, feelings and emotions.  I have blogged on a few other services over the years.  In fact, the other day I re-discovered probably my first ever blog (if that is what it was called at that point) over on Blurty.  The earliest post on that blog was in December of 2003, go figure.  I have been at this on-and-off for a while it seems.  What you find here did originate in a different place, but while I have had a few names and domains it is really all one collection.

I have been writing since at least the beginning of high school.  The first journal that I ever wrote in was given to me by may father.  it came with one condition: If I were to fill it up, he would get me another.  Well, I did fill it up along with a number of other books.  They all remain private and tucked away on my bookshelf.  To tell the truth, I don’t even remember the last time I opened them.  I am sure that there is stuff in there that would make me smile, laugh, be embarrassed and more today.  I should do that at some point, take a trip down memory lane, it might be fun.

I think now that I feel like I have a real permanent home as a blogger here on this domain I have become much more regular and active with my blogging.  This is also the home of the article that I wrote about photography for theatre.  I am building a recipe book here and hopefully people will send in some recipes.  I would be happy to try them out and maybe even feature them in the future.  Needless to say, this site is home to a lot of my words, musings, ponderings, rants and more.  It is a new adventure every day and I hope that all my readers are enjoying the ride!  Speaking of my readers, at the time of this writing I 15 listed followers (I bet there are more of you out there) which is pretty cool!

I blog for myself, just to put my thoughts down in writing, to have something to look back on in the future.  The fact that there are people out there who have found my corner of the internet and take some kind of interest in what I am posting here is kind of cool.  I would love to say that I do this for all of you (my followers), but you guys are really just the icing on the cake.  I am not sure what it was/is that makes me find it interesting to publicize  the thoughts that I post here, but I appreciate the support, feedback and community that my followers bring!

While I was working on my presence here on my blog I also discovered some great blogger friends through the 20SB blogging community.  I helped start up a blog-swap event with a bunch of people from there that we named Bloggerstock.  The kick off event was a great success and the second event is shaping up well with sign-ups underway.  So I think that I am finally being noticed on some part of the blogsphere, which, I suppose, no matter what anyone says, is an underlying ideal for all bloggers.

The journey to create a web-presence for myself has been fun.  I have learned a lot of things from coding to finding ways to write.  I have received many tips from many people including my brother.  It is great.  Getting to 200 posts is a pretty cool landmark, and it makes me feel like I am kinda “dug-in” here.  So, to my readers, thanks again for joining me on the journey.  Here is to the next 200!






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