Postcard Exchange: Ready to Mail

postcard-buttonWell my postcards for the 20SB postcard exchange are ready to mail (along with at least one extra). Thanks to the recent postage rate increase, the domestic cards get a healthy three stamps to get to the $0.33.  I have to go over to the post office for the international ones because the rate has gone from $0.85 to a whopping $1.10.  However, there is now a global forever stamp that I intend to pick up because these international post cards are not the only international mail I will have going out in the coming weeks.  Plus it is kind of a cool looking round stamp!

I really did fill up the fountain pen to write all the post cards, though I have to say, that was an adventure.  My refillable cartridge had worked it’s way loose so that as I filled, the whole front of the pen fell off and went for a swim in my ink bottle.  Thanks to a long handled pair of forceps I was able to extract the pen from the ink without making a huge mess of my desk or pouring out the ink.  A quick rinse and then a second attempt at filling and I was on my way to writing.  I do still have ink on my fingers though…

Postcard fronts, from the postcard excahnge

The array of postcards that I am sending out comes from a collection called “Postcards from Penguin.” They are all book covers from classic books.  I thought it was kind of appropriate to use something like that to send to bloggers. I didn’t pick any special covers, just as they came out of the box, so there is no meaning to who ends up with which cards.  They are pretty cool though.

Writing to someone you really don’t know anything about feels like a real challenge at first.  Then you realize that all your are trying to do is fill a tiny postcard, and by the time you realize that, there is no more space left to write.  I suppose I am also pretty good at filling up space with a whole lot of nothing. Maybe not nothing to some people, who knows. I did actually look at the blogs of my exchange partners to at least try to find something intelligent to say.  I am not sure that I will win any writing awards for them cards though.

Post cards, ready to mail!

So, with my postcards written and ready to mail, I shall head over to the post office today, pick up my stamps and send them on their merry way.  Hopefully that means that within a day or two they will start arriving at their destinations. The geocacher in me wishes that I had a travelbug stamp that I could track them with, but I don’t.  In any case, it will be fun to hear when they show up at their destinations!






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