Recap, Rocky, Ralxing

It seems like it has been a while since I wrote anything about what is going on in life.  It has been a nice relaxing week since I don’t have to be at the theatre every night pushing the GO button.  I have been able to do things like get in a lot of skiing, see some theatre that wasn’t mine, and watch the Olympics.  I think that I only interrupted my “vacation” as-it-were, once to go to a production meeting for our next show, Our Town, in which I had nothing to say on account of the meeting was really a week earlier than usual.  In fact, pretty much no one aside from the costume shop had anything to say.

I kicked off the week skiing with friends from temple, and now I am finishing up the week skiing with my uncle and cousin.  We seem to be getting some snow at the moment which should make tomorrow pretty nice.  Probably another good day for taking out the new wider skis to go bomb around.

Aside from the skiing, probably the most fun thing this week was going to the opening night of the U of U Theatre Department’s production of The Rocky Horror Show.  It is so fun to finally see another musical produced by the department and Rocky is just a fun show to see.  the cast was great, they seem to have a great time dong the show.  While there are a couple of singers who are not the strongest, they certainly make up for it in the rest of the production.  The tough thing was finding the balance of what audience response to give and how much to just watch the show.  In any event, if you like Rocky, it is worth going to see if you are in the SLC area!

Other than that I will be hanging out with my uncle the rest of tonight and tomorrow.  Good times.






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