Saving Dalight (or not)

I couldn’t really come up with a better title.  I had ideas for posts this week and now none of them seem worth writing about or inspiring or something.  It is quite possible that the recent events of the evening had an effect on that.  I had been thinking about writing something about election day, but that didn’t happen.  It would have been something about how I don’t really know enough about local politics to make educated decisions, though I know that there is too much religious influence on politics here.

Then I thought that I could write about how I ought to start my own Apple-Fix-it service business.  When it comes down to it, though I am not an Apple Certified technician or an Apple “Genius,” I am very good at fixing both software and hardware issues with Macs.  This week I was commissioned to help migrate one of my co-workers to a new machine.  A relatively easy task, all things considered.  Swapping out hard drives and optical drives on the old iBook G4s on the other other hand, is quite the project.  I like working on computers, it is fun, and it is always very satisfying when everything gets fixed.

I had also considered writing about how I think that it is so strange that here in Utah everyone celebrated Halloween a day early, because heaven forbid that anything should happen on a Sunday.  I get that some people justify it as a “school night,” but if you are over 18 and out of high school, there is no excuse.  Then, to top it off, since I totally forgot that Utahans are crazy, I didn’t have any candy for the first time since I moved into this apartment that I actually had trick-or-treat’ers.  Go figure.  I felt really dumb having to tell kids that I didn’t have anything to give them.

I could also have written about life at the theatre and how we just finished Dracula and are moving on to White Christmas. The show went well and people enjoyed it.  In other theatre news, Ruth’s show, Hay Fever, opened on a very high note.  It is great fun and I would encourage anyone in the area to go see it.

I could have written about all of those things, but my mind isn’t quite with any of them anymore.  While I was sitting around at home, killing time before strike, I decided that I would bake some cupcakes.  Now, when I say cupcakes, I really mean mini cakes, because we have the really cute tube-pans that are really fun to make “cup-cakes” in.  As I was about to start pouring the batter I get a phone call from Ruth’s mother.  Her grandfather, who has been very ill, was in the hospital and she wanted Ruth to come up after the show.  She wanted me to go up and tell Ruth because we thought that would be better than a phone call.

So, I rushed up to the theatre to make sure that I was there when her show ended.  This meant that I actually left the oven and the TV on in my apartment.  Yeah, I know it isn’t the safest thing to do, but it was important.  At least I hadn’t put the cakes in the oven before I had to run out the door, that would have just turned into a charred smelly mess.  I did still manage to burn things when I finally got home after strike and baked the cakes.  Some of the batter rose over the sides of the pan and burned in the bottom of the oven.

It has been a long week.  At least I get an extra hour of sleep tonight!






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