Solar Power

No, I don’t mean the electricity that you get from putting solar panels on your roof.  I am thinking more along the lines of solar power driving us, people.  I suppose it may not just be solar power, possibly just being outside, I am not sure.  What I do know is that when I spend a lot of time outside I feel better.  How so?  Well, I feel like I have more energy, it isn’t hard to get out of bed in the morning, and I think that I generally have a better outlook on life.

I, Like so many people have a job that keeps me inside much of the time.  Not only inside, but often literally in the dark.  My job can be a little odd in the land of hours because sometimes it is just a regular nine-to-five job, sometimes it is a nine-to-whenever-we-get-done job (often late nights), and sometimes it is an evening job.  Keeping up with the ever changing dynamics of the schedule can be hard, but I enjoy what I am doing.  I also tend to have the time to get out and do things like ski for a good amount of time.

However, during the spans of time that I work a lot, especially during the daytime I find that I have significantly less energy and motivation.  It is harder to get up in the morning and there are many days that I just feel like I drag through the day.  Then there are weeks like this past week where I got out and did a bunch of skiing and spent a lot of time outside enjoying the fresh mountain air and the sun.  I suppose that I should mention that the air quality here in the Salt Lake Valley is pretty bad which may be another contributing factor.   This past week I have been feeling pretty darn good, though it is always a bummer to drive down the canyons into the SLC smog.  On weeks like this, I can get up when the alarm goes off, get ready and get out the door.  Even coming in to work in the afternoon isn’t so bad!

I have found that I feel the same way when I spend the summers working at summer camp.  Camp is a very demanding job but it is very rewarding too.  Somehow I find that I can spend most of the summer getting up between 7-7:30AM, running around with the kids all day, hanging out with the staff until 1AM and do that pretty much every day.  I don’t know how it works because during the rest of the year I go to bed earlier and wake up later and just don’t usually  have the same energy.  Thus, I attribute it to solar power and being outside.

I know that there is all kinds of science that probably backs up what I am feeling, something about the sun and getting different vitamins because of it.  That is all well and good, but it is still very interesting that it seems to make such a huge impact.  I guess sometimes we just need to get out more.






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