Stage Moms

There probably are not too many people who would say that they like stage moms.  All things considered, there probably aren’t too many people who really know what many stage moms are like.  Everyone knows a soccer mom, they are the subject of many stereotypes.  Stage moms are on a completely different level.  I mean, when you think that your kid is going to be the next big thing on Broadway or primetime TV it is really a whole different ballgame.  I think that stage moms are probably in the same world as skating moms (who think their kid is going to be the next Michelle Kwan.

I have been very lucky in my theatre career in that all of the shows that I have worked that had child actors the parents were not crazy.  However, unlike some people in this industry, I have a great appreciation for stage moms.  Why?  Well, as a photographer, working shows with kids equals guaranteed image sales.  One thing that parents can’t resist is photos of their kids in shows.

As I am not trying to make a living on my photography, everything I make is a bonus.  All in all, I don’t make tons of money on my photos, most people want one or two to stick on their website and that is about it.  So, when I shoot shows with kids, or kids shows, it works out pretty well.  I do my best to be fair and accommodating, and it seems that people are happy.  Hey, if one of these makes it big one day, and one of my photos is in their portfolio, that would be pretty cool.  To be able to say that I knew them when they were kids is a neat idea.

So, despite the stigma that might surround stage moms, I am very grateful for them!  Besides, we would never get new actors if there were not any stage moms, so I suppose they keep me employed!






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