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JustHost – if that’s all you need

About a year ago I started surfing the web looking for a web host to host my blog, my fiance’s blog, and eventually the Bloggerstock website.  Spent some time on Google and I landed on  They gett pretty high ratings when you search for hosting reviews.  Almost always in the top 10 if not in the top three.  They offer a pretty darn good price for unlimited everything (which isn’t truly unlimited), and they make some...

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StarTrek: The not quite a prequel (caution: spoilers)

I had no idea what to do with myself this morning, that is what happens when the skiing is over and I am tired from hiking yesterday and I don’t have to be at work until the evening. So, I figured, what better time to go see the new StarTrek movie ( Everyone has been saying how great it was, I had to see for myself. I certainly had my doubts since I heard that they were making the film. I have become wary of...

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