The China Adventure (or Pandemic Travels) #4

Quarantine Day 3

Today I actually had something to do. Started the day with a webinar EHS training session for the job I am headed to. To be fair, I don’t know how much I really can talk about what the job is or who it is for. I certainly won’t be able to post any photos. I suppose it is probably OK to say that we are installing some theme park attractions, and leave it at that for now.

The confines of the room are small and getting quite lonely. At least seeing folks on the meeting was good. It is otherwise hard to be motivated to do much else.

I finished my first book of the trip last night. Figured that I would start on The Expanse. So, book one down, a bunch more to go in the series. I have a kindle full of more books to read as well. Not sure if I will just binge the whole series or switch it up as I go.

I am doing a bit to try to get some activity in while cooped up. Some pushups and jumping jacks. It isn’t like a crazy workout or anything, just something to keep the blood flowing. Hopefully I can do more and more as the time goes on. Again, motivation is hard, but I need to do something. I guess maybe if I actually follow though it will become a little daily habit or something. We shall see.

So far, I have actually tried almost all the food that has been delivered. Was not super into the hunk of fish that showed up for dinner. A bunch of the meals have come with some kind of mystery meat. Probably either beef or pork. It seems like either way it has generally been prepared the same and thus tastes almost the same. Lunch and dinner usually come with a soup, which so far have mostly been good. The breakfast trays have been decent, though I am not a fan of hard-boiled eggs. It intrigues me that a local breakfast here seems to typically include a baked potato.

Probably the most useful thing that I got and took with me was my new Grayl water bottle. It is a filtering water bottle that is designed for hiking/camping and traveling. As everyone has said that drinking the water here is not ideal, this has been a super useful tool. I was provided with two water bottles on arrival, and since I was moved to a new room, I ended up with an additional two, and lets just say, you cant goo to long on only four 550mL bottles. Since I do have an electric kettle, I have tried to be a little extra careful and will boil the tap water, let it cool and then filter it. Probably overkill, as the Grayl is supposed to be fine for say, filtering water from a pond by a campsite, but it can’t hurt. I have learned however, that you shouldn’t overfill it, or you get squirted when you press it to filter.

Not really much else to report. Though it is kind of a bummer that here I am in China for Chinese New Year/Golden Week, and I will be stuck in quarantine. Cest La vie I suppose.

Consumption Stats:

ItemTotal Consumed
Protein Bars3
Instant Oatmeal Packets5
Fig Bars4
Water Bottles/Grayls6
Quarantine Mystery Meals6-ish
These stats are cumulative for time in quarantine

Exercise Stats

ActivitySets x Reps
Jumping Jacks2 x 60
Pushups1 x 10
These stats are for today only






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