Time off

I like having time off. Especially today. Dan and I worked from 10am to 6pm with two hour long breaks for lunch and dinner. We were actually very productive today, making a nice capital improvement to the theatre by adding a new lighting position…. the old barn was good for spare parts. I think we have pretty much hung Aida now so that is good. So I have this show off, my AME board ops this show so I can relax, though i do have to go up for changeover after the show. Bex is house managing tonight, so i will catch her when i go up to the theatre again, and maybe stop in on my way home for the night. This is the first time we really have been able to see eachother every day. It’s nice. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow a little. I though i got a good sleep last night, but i guess not. I suppose i do have to go out in the morning and get bagles or something to have for breakfast. I also have to finish packing up the radios i just sold on ebay and ship them. Oh, my cousin is coming up tomorrow too, so that is good. that is about it for the moment.






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