VD… VDay… Valentines

First of all, I am foregoing Music Monday for this post on Valentines Day.

Second of all, I think that it is kinda funny that some people abbreviate Valentines Day as VD.  I mean really? VD?  That is just kinda dumb and I hope that no one is out getting VD on Valentines day, that would just suck!

I think it is interesting how many people around the blogsphere were cracking down on the people who disapprove of or dislike Valentines Day.  Am I against what Valentines Day is about? No.  It is more that I am against the fact that it is another over commercialized holiday that comes for a religious base and ins somehow a national holiday in this country.  How the heck did that happen?  Sure, we still have work and school and such, but it really is nationally recognized and everyone is expected to participate.

Think bak to elementary school.  We used to spend at least one day prepping for Valentines and then we celebrated on the actual day.  Whose bright idea was that.  In public school we shouldn’t be celebrating holidays with religious connotations and we certainly should not be supporting the commercial nature of said holidays.  We decorated little brown paper lunch bags and every kid in class was basically required to either make or buy Valentines Day Cards for every other kid in the class.  Really dumb.

Then of course around this time of year you start hearing and seeing all the advertisements for diamond heart this and Valentines gift that.  There is nothing wrong with having a day to celebrate your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, significant other and your love for them.  However the irony of the situation is that at least in American society the man is supposed to do something for the woman, it doesn’t really have to be reciprocated.  What is up with that?

Along the same lines, I love the ads that show guys trying to outdo eachother in the gifts department.  There is a great Walgreens ad to that effect.  Then there are the commercials that talk about what different gifts imply that a guy is saying.  Why is it that everything has these connotations?  This is the problem with this holiday, it is no longer about what it is supposed to be about.  It doesn’t matter who you are you probably really do have the expectations that society has placed on this holiday.

So what did I do this Valentines Day?  Well, I kicked it off with Ruth and we bought ourselves a blender.  I think this is a good valentines gift, and it was a mutual thing.  Then I went off to Alta for a wicked ski day with some friends of ours.  Here is a great photo from today:

Friends enjoying the nice powder at Alta!

Then we headed up to Ruth’s parent’s home for Sunday night dinner.  In all, I think it was a pretty good day, and that is how I would like to spend a holiday like this!






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