Weekend Beginning

So, we opened the fifth show of the season, I had my birthday, the Winter Olympics started, and I led part of services at temple this week.  Lots of exciting stuff.  It is nice to get to the weekend and have some time off, and what a good weekend for it.  The holiday weekend will be nice, with no work Monday I should be able to get some good skiing in.  We will just have to see how the crowds are.

The service on Saturday morning was nice.  Once a month we do a lay-led service that is known as our Shir Hadash (new song) service.  I know that there are some people in the congregation who don’t really love the service, but I think that it is nice.  I think that it is great to have a service that encourages more people to participate and is less of a concert by the cantor.  Today was a really great service.  I lead a large section of the service and I could tell that people were getting into it.  After the services, many people came up to myself and the other leaders to say how much they liked the service.

We are looking at ways to edit and update the service and how it is conducted so that we continue to keep people interested and excited about coming.  I will be meeting with a couple of the people responsible for such things this coming week to look at where the service came from and where it needs to go to stay good.

It also turns out that next weekend is the 13th anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah.  That is kinda cool.  I certainly haven’t really thought about it, but they were looking for torah and haftorah readers for next weekend which is how I found out that it was my parasha.  Go figure.  I still know most of it, and since the first time, I have actually learned how to learn it again.  So I will be reading the haftorah next weekend in honor of my Bar Mitzvah anniversary.  It seemed like a god thing to do.  So, if you are going to be in the SLC area next weekend, you should come!

The other new thing this week is that I started a photo project that has been going around the tubes, Project 365.  You can find the images from my project over at http://365.icewolf08.com.  The goal is just to take at least one photo every day for a year.  Since I kicked the project off on my birthday, it will end on my next birthday in 2011.  Hopefully I can make it work.






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