Yet another week goes by

I feel the need to give titles to all of my journal entries, and then find that they all end up so similar that I wonder what the point is. Forgive me the fact that I am typing on a lousy keyboard because i had to send my computer out for repair, and now i am on my old desktop. So if i leave in spelling erors that are more than normal it is probably the keyboard. I can’t bring myself to be upset at the way my computer came to need repair. It is kinda sucky but if i actually got upset i don’t think that it would bring anything about except hard feelings. Such is life.

What else is new? Well bex came to visit this past weekend. It was nice, we had a lot of fun, went geocaching, hung out, not a bad weekend. The was the usual night-before-going-home stress that got her so upset at me that she threatened to break up with me, again. Well, it has been a while since the last time. I just don’t always think along the same lines, and sometimes i wonder if she really understands how difficult it is for me to pick up and go home for a weekend. Yes, it’s true that I don’t always have things to do on the weekends, but when you look at the weekends when i don’t have things to do, they are usually weekends right before or right after I have just been home. Anyway, fall semester we have a ton of breaks, I feel like I am home a lot. If it was only about missing one class on friday then I wouldn’t have a problem, just don’t tell my parents i said that. It’s just that a lot of times, especially this year that there are just things i can’t do on the road, or cram in on a sunday night before i have to be up for class at 10 on monday. yes, i know it may seem like a 10 o’clock class is late to many people, but it is early for me. It is true, i don’t know everything that Bex has to do to be able to come here, but it seems like it must be a little easier. I am very proud of her for this being the first time that she has made a long car trip alone.

New friends. Miss. Molly, one of the ASMs from my show. Over the last week we have become very good, fast friends. Too bad it took until now, but i guess that is just the way it goes. I don’t feel that it is my place to discuss in this format many of the things that we have filled up our nights talking about the past few days. Relationship woes is probably the best way to word it. Creative, sounds nice. I is amazing to me how much her personality is similar mine, from quotes to thought processes. It is kinda funny, don’t know if she would agree with that, but maybe.

I can’t believe that we already have to pick classes for next semester, that tomorrow i have a meeting with Colin to discuss it. I have only the need to take a grand total of four classes for 12 credits to come out with 121 credits, one more than required for graduation. This spread is two required theatre courses, one gen. ed., and Drama lit, which i suppose could be considered a theatre course.

Speaking of theatre courses, i impressed Binky last wednesday on account of the fact that I know about fabrics. She had sent us off to find some swatches for the upholstery project that we will be doing later on in the semester and se was telling us what we should be looking for and I said something to the effect of “so we need a woven fabric, not a knit.” I just got this amazed look back, it was kinda funny. Then today in class something came up as to the fact that i know how to knit and crochet, and that i used to sit in the back of math class with my friend Zoopy and crochet her blankets. Where have those days gone? Days of such freedom comparatively.

I need to get my butt in gear on the job hunt, it would be a good idea to know what i am going to do next year. There are so many ideas that are just being tossed around that i have no idea what will be good. Steve has it in his head now that he wants to work for the mouse, that is to say Disney. it could be a lot of fun. It feels restricting to say that I would like to work in the Boston area, but every time the mere mention of working anyplace else comes up, i get the riot act from Bex. I want to do something in theatre, and i want to do something that will allow me to make some kind of living, and frankly i really don’t know what exactly I want to be doing. Sometimes i think about the possibility of working for someone like High Output, or another rental house like that because it is the kind of thing that i like to do, fix things, but actually working in a theatre or on a show is something i also really love. Of course it is possible that one could do both. I guess we shall see. I am too tired to think about it right now. i think it is be time, until another night.






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