If you are wondering what Zordak is, you are asking the wrong question.  You should be asking who Zordak is.  Zordak is the king of the universe, also known as Zordak KOTU.  Zordak is a character from a bunch of “stories” that my brother wrote while he was in elementary school.  I don’t remember any of the stories now and it wouldn’t surprise me if the originals were lost in the fire that my parents had back when I was in college.  We lost a lot of things like that and books and such.

The cool thing is that Zordak may be making a comeback in a corporeal form.  It has been almost six months since our dog Moka passed away and my parents seem to have decided that the time is right to get new puppies.  We are big Husky people, so of course my parents found a breeder with beautiful Husky puppies.  Personally I don’t know how it could be possible for a Husky puppy to not be cute.

Of course looking for new puppies means that we have had to start thinking of names, so what did think of first? Zordak!  It really is a cool isn’t it?  The question then was what do you name the second puppy (I probably should mention that my parents are probably going to get two)?  My suggestion was to name one Zordak and the other KOTU, but my mother thinks that one would be jealous of the other.  I think it is a great combination, but I offered a second option sticking with names of characters my brother created: Space Dolphin Do Do Do.  The real question with that one is who wants to call a dog with such a long silly name?!

Here is a photo of the puppies.  Do you see a Zordak there?  If nothing else, they are certainly cute!

Cute Face #3






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