Posts made in August, 2005

Expect the Obvious or something to that effect

What the heck is today? Monday…. Monday of the last week of work here at the theatre. That aint so bad, seeing as we have a grand total of 6 performances left. Today is nice, nothing to do really except wait for three o’clock to roll around and go hang out with Bex on her birthday. Yeah, I made this amazing chocolate cake for her last night, it was super,and chocolatey and yummy, and there is still half of it sitting in my fridge,...

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On the passage of time

West Side Story is open now, and the buzz around the theatre iis about how the end of the season is coming up so fast. Well, the last performance is on September 3, the “best of 2005” which will be fun to watch, but depressing. People are thinking of the world that they are returning to. For some it ist so much a return as it is a moving on to the next thing. I don’t really know how I am feeling about it. I mean I doo feel sad...

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Every day another show

The days are long but the weeks go by so fast. Seems like only last week we began this crazy wild summer, and yet in reality we are closer to then end thans the begining. By the same token I feel like I have been doing this forever when in reality it has only been seven weeks. Well, the interesting thing about the schedule here is that I never feel like things are over. I mean yes, we did close one show already, but we have one more to open....

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We finally got the darn thing right, the performance of Aida that we just had went nearly perfect, finally. It only took us four performances to get it, but everything seemed to fall into place tonight. Sound balance was good, energy was high, and we didn’t miss or flub any cues. On top of that, last night’s Beauty and the Beast was completely sold out, and that was probably one of the best perfomances of that show we have had. And...

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Jumping Over the Fire

So, today, well yesterday really, I came up with a much better title for my journal. It is there now, after a few singed leg hairs and maybe a tiny bit of melted soles I think that it kind of describes my life. Jumping over the fire you ask, well it was Saturday night and of course that means that it was “Barn Bat” at the Weathervane. Being that I have the wonderful 20 minute drive home every evening you wouldn’t find me under...

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