Posts made in September, 2005

Change in the air

BTW: are there enough choices for mood icons, i feel like i almost always use the same small group…. Anyway, the other day I was folding my laundry and it struck me that I have been dressing the same, wearing the same clothes for about 8 years now. Now I don’t mean literally the same clothes, but the same style. I think I have been wearing jeans, cargo pants/shorts, and t-shirts for ever. T-shirts that I have acquired over the...

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Strange occurances

Well, just finished dinner. Made steak with some rub that i got last year. So simple, rub, then under the broiler for 8 minutes on a side. It was good. I wish that I wasn’t the only person in this apartment that drank red wine. Such is life i guess. Now I am just sitting here. I finised my props project, at least i think i did. I put the acrylic finish on this afternoon and then i just have to print out a radio dial to stick onto the...

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After a week

So, today was the first day of my second week at school. It already feels like I have been here forever, but such is the way of life. Last week was such a long week. I can’t even begin to describe it, though it’s not like i won’t try. It was a big game of catchup, but I think for the most part I am all caught up. It just took a lot of late nights. Plus we had Freshman Party wich entailed a couple late nights and an early...

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one end is yet another beginning

Then end is so close, three performances, half a changeover, and strike. Yet this end is just the segway to another beginning, begining school. Some people are sad to leave, some are looking forward. I am happy to be going back to school. I think i say that all the time these days. Go figure. I really don’t know where i am going with this tonight, I was sad because i missed talking to Jesi by a mere 45 minutes, i guess it happens. Well,...

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