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Fun times

So, I have managed to get myself involved with the current “No-Bucks” show. Today was tech. This is the first no-bucks i have done in four years here, though i could have done more, but whatever. So we had some great excitement today, a fresnel exploded. It started with a little snap-crackle-pop, then a pretty fireworks show, and then it caught on fire. So I learned today why you are supposed to be a few feet away from what you are...

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another week over

I can’t believe that today is the end of another week. It feels like this week just started, like I was just at home yesterday. I don’t get it. It’s my senior year and it is flying by so fast it is like a blur. I mean we are now more than half way through the semester which means we are just over a quarter of the way through the year, which means then end of my time at Ithaca is fast approaching. It’s kinda scary. Spend...

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and on and on

After class tomorrow we go on fall break. I can’t really believe it. I mean that is half a semester right there. So we come back and have what, 7 more weeks or something like that. It seems like it all goes by so fast. It is nice though that Yom Kippur falls on Fall break for once in four years so that I can be home with my family for the holidays. My brother is coming home from china over break too, so i will get to see him. What else is...

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