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Camp Haiku

These are actually from last summer. I don’t really remember what inspired me to write them, but I did. Right before I camp to camp last summer, I went on a camping trip with my cousins to all the Utah National Parks and to the Grand Canyon. We sped some time writing hiakus there, so that is probably where the format came from. Most of these are a little biased towards FA, but some work for both IA and FA. Enjoy! Tall pine sentinels High above...

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Media & Social Media at Summer camp

Over the last day I have been discussing the effect of social networking on summer camps with the parent of a camper (@warrenss see his blog post on the topic). The camps that I work for have just started using Twitter, and so far I am doing the bulk of the tweeting. On top of my other responsibilities at camp, this is a fun one, but it is complicated and time consuming. One might ask: “how hard can it be to post some 140 character messages...

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Beginning of summer ramblings (or, why I come to camp)

I don’t think that anyone can really say it better than The Beatles: “There are places I remember, all my life.” For me, summer camp is one of those places. I started going to camp in the summer of 1994 at a Jewish summer camp, Camp Yavneh. From ‘94 to ’01 I spent the bulk of my summer at camp. I remember after the first few summers of only going to camp for a month, I told my parents that I wanted to go for the entire summer, and I did. In...

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