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I was just tagged by Risha from Epitaph for a Heart in a cool little meme that has been going around where you have to describe yourself in groups of three things.  Seeing as I don’t think I have ever really blogged about me in a “this is who I am” kind of way, this might be interesting.  I also get to tag three more people and that could be tricky in picking people who have not been tagged yet.  So, here we go.  Oh, I should mention, and I hope that it is OK, but I changed a couple of the topics, I don’t know if this has any real rules.

Three names I am known by:

  1. Alex – Of course, this is what most people call me on a day-to-day basis
  2. Lex – Coined (well not really) by one of my neighbors when I was in elementary school.  I still hear it every now and then.
  3. IceWolf08 – Most of my internet friends know me by this name, it has been my handle since I can remember.  Why the 08? Well, at the time, IceWolf was already taken so I added the 08 which was my house number.

Three Cities I Have Lived In:

  1. Newton, MA – This is where I grew up, and much of my family still lives there or close.
  2. Ithaca, NY – I spent four years living in Ithaca while I was at school at Ithaca College.
  3. Salt Lake City, UT – Where I live now.  I really enjoy living and working here!

Three TV Shows that I Watch (currently):

  1. Stargate Universe – I really enjoy all shows Stargate.
  2. Glee – Yes, I am a “gleek”
  3. CSI – Only the original Las Vegas, I can’t stand the other two!

Three Favorite Sci-Fi Shows:

  1. Stargate – Woot! This is it’s own trifecta: SG-1, Atlantis, Universe!
  2. Eureka – I can’t wait for this show to start back up this summer
  3. Battlestar Galactica – The new series, although the original was fun.  I also like Caprica, but I am not sure that it would belong on my top three.

Favorite Books/Series:

  1. His Dark Materials – Yet another trilogy in itself, consisting of: The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass.
  2. The Belgariad Series
  3. The Sword of Truth Series

Favorite Theatre Shows I Have Seen:

  1. Disney’s The Lion King
  2. Avenue Q
  3. Ragtime

Favorite Theatre Shows That I Have Worked On:

  1. The Producers
  2. The Yellow Leaf
  3. Les Miserables

Three Favorite Outdoor Activities:

  1. Skiing – There is just nothing better than carving it up on the slopes!
  2. Hiking – Sometimes you just need to get out and see nature.
  3. Swimming – What can i say, I love being in and on the water

Three Places I Want to Visit:

  1. Alaska – It has always been a dream of mine to go to Alaska.
  2. Antarctica – I don’t really know why, but it has always fascinated me.  Plus it would be cool to see penguins (though I hear they don’t smell so nice)
  3. Australia – I just want to go.

Apparently I have a list of places all with A names, interesting…

Three Things I am Looking Forward to in the Next 12 Months:

  1. Going back to summer camp – I love working at camp
  2. Producing RENT at the theatre
  3. Seeing my parent’s new puppies!

Now, if you count up my lists of threes, there are ten, not a number divisible by three.  However if you count up each individual item there are thirty-three (33), seemed like a good number.  I also am supposed to tag three more people to participate in this meme, so here it goes:

Three People I Tag:

  1. Ruth over at Ruthie’s Ramblings
  2. Angela over at Almost Incoherent Ramblings
  3. Scott over at blizblazbliblog

Have fun guys!


  1. "Yes, I am a “gleek”"

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Why would you say that. Why did Glee fandom come up with that terrible name. Gleeking is gross and drooly and it is shooting saliva! From your mouth! Ew!

  2. Because, I was one of those kids in high school, awkward with not a lot of friends, not popular, in two of the vocal groups and working in the theatre. So there!

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