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Welcome one and all to the first official Bloggerstock blog swap/blog ring/blog “round robin” or whatever you want to call it.  Today you will be reading a guest post by Bobby from Inside the Mind of Booya.  All of the posts today are by the Bloggerstock founders, so if you have the chance, please check out their blogs.  You can get a listing at the Bloggerstock webpage via the link above.  If you are looking for my post, you can find it over on Scott’s blog.  So, without further ado: The Internet ate My….

…gaming! What the frak is wrong with my lately? I use to play games almost all the time except weekends. Now it just, blah. I’m not saying I’m burnt out on gaming. It just I been watching/catching up with some shows lately. Thanks to Hulu and Netflix streaming. I been catching up on Legend of the Seeker on Netflix. Watching stand up comedians like Richard Pryor, Daniel Tosh and Frank Caliendo. What else on the internet is eating up my gaming time? Ohhhh yeah their Revision 3. Thanks Diggnation for getting me hooked on your show. Since all their shows are game and technology related, I try to watch each show. But I’m mostly addicted to Diggnation. Drinking plus Digg stories he hilarious show. Then you got the Totaly Rad Show and Tekzilla.

Also I been trying out Plants vs Zombies. Don’t see what so addicting to Plants vs Zombies. I played the first 5 levels and wasn’t wowed by it. It is a cute concept. I did like bowling the potatos into the zombies. That should be a game of it own. I love Bejeweled from Pop Cap. Just don’t know if I wanna spend $20 for it. Ugh should of bought it when Pop Cap hads a 50% off sale on all their games. The We Rule game for the Ipad? Yeah I like to try that. Sadly there no PC version. I love sim games except for The Sims. I will not play that game! If I had a ipad, all my xbox gaming would be non existence. I’ll be surfing the intrawebs, watching porn on my ipad.

It also doesn’t help that my favorite podcaster Leo Laporte has a show almost everyday. Seriously he does 5 days of live podcasts that run for 6 hours. I plan on watching all 6 of those hours because those shows are funny yet informative. He got This Week in Tech, This Week in Google, The Tech Guy, Macbreak Weekly, Windows Weekly, Munchcast, Net@night and The Daily Giz Wiz. Like I said, I like all his shows. To bad i didn’t find out about this years ago. So yeah in a nutshell, the internet is eating my gaming time. Will I be able to break this internet curse? I sure hope so.


  1. As a modern character would say "gotta head your head in the game" (I am so ashamed of quoting Troy Bolton, lol)…playing is also important in one's life…I can also wish you for more time to do all the things you want to 🙂

  2. I completely understand where you are coming from, Bobby. I used to play Grand Theft Auto ALL THE TIME!!! And since I decided to be a full time freelance designer the only reason for me to go downstairs is to eat. Maybe we will be able to break the curse!! Good luck!

  3. "I'll be surfing the intrawebs, watching porn on my iPad"

    That made me laugh out loud!

    I'm sorry you haven't had time as much time for gaming as you'd like- but it's nice to know all the things you multitask at whilst chatting with us! 😛

  4. People (us!) first. Let's all work to keep the internet munching away on Bobby. 😛

  5. I don't know if it was the internet that ate my gaming or if it just happened. I used to play all the time when i was in college, but since I move out to utah most of my games just sit and collect dust. I even lent my PS2 to friends since their PS3 needs to be sent in for warranty service. I suppose maybe part of my drop off in gaming came from the amount of time I spend online now.

  6. As odd as it sounds…I lived without internet for a couple of years, spent most of my time gaming and then realized that there had to be something more. I guess, in my opinion, the internet can sometimes be the lesser of two evils. Unless you are playing live with other people you don't have the same social dynamic that you can find so easily online, and for me I never left. I find that since my time is spent online, I go workout…spend time with friends, and have much more life in my actual life…I vote internet can keep taking crumbs from Bobby's life, who else am I going to talk to about random weird stuff at 3 am?
    My recent post Bloggerstock: The Internet Ate My….

  7. With 20sb, I don't think gaming will win me back.


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