Doing Nothing

Why is doing nothing so hard to do?  I probably shouldn’t admit that I really didn’t do anything today, but it is true.  I mean, I didn’t really get to take full advantage of my day off yesterday due to getting up early to go help with the ice show, so I figured that I could take today as my lazy day.  Sure, we have a show tonight, but I had the rest of the day to do nothing.  So, I did.

Here is the thing though, I slept in, didn’t even really stay up late last night anyway, and then I didn’t really do anything aside from go to the supermarket.  Yet here I am getting set up for tonight’s performance of the show and I am tired.  What is up with that?  Why is it that when you do nothing for a day that you still end up tired?  Shouldn’t I have tons of energy since I didn’t use any?

The worst thing is the fact that I probably should have actually done something.  I mean sure, I did sort all the photos from the invited audience night of the show, but really.  I could have found something to do, something outside.  I did most of the dishes in the sink, but that doesn’t really count for much, there is still a lot of cleaning that needs done before we leave for the summer.  Gonna be fun.  Just hard to motivate to do stuff like that.

Maybe I just need to find something to do.  Hopefully tomorrow Costco will call and tell me they have my new tires so that I have something to do.  It also sounds like I will have a meeting to go to later this week.  Anything to do is better than nothing.  If nothing else, i should shave, that is something I have been neglecting for a few days.

Well, I am sure that this post probably has bored everyone to tears, so I think I will leave it at that.

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  1. Sounds to me like you did plenty. It's a "day off." A day to do only what you want!

    I dunno why you're tired though. All this week except Weds and Sat I'm like "yeeeeeeeeessssssssssss I don't have to DO ANYTHING IN THE MORNING. SCORE." And then I sit around because I'm catching up on my slacking.

    My plan for today was to take an early shower and then lounge on the couch with the dog playing pokemon. Instead I hung out online. But NOW I am going to take a shower and do other stuff. So. The day works out eventually.

    At least you don't have to 'end' your day by 4 so you can catch a train at 4:30. -_-'''

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