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When is it that we get to the point where this is the thing to do when you want to meet with friends or have a meeting of sorts?  It just seems that relatively recently I have been running into friends to catch up with and the thought seems to go right to “why don’t we meet for coffee?”  When does that become the thing to do.  I mean, I don’t really remember what we did in high school, but I know that we didn’t go sit around the coffee shop to hang out.

The other day I went to meet a friend for coffee (and lunch) and we ended up sitting around the coffee shop all afternoon.  This is probably not even something that I would have done when I was in college and yet it is something that I would do now.  Then, last night I was chatting with another friend who I haven’t seen in quite a while and the first suggestion of something to do, a place to meet to catch up was over coffee.

I suppose there are people who do things like go to lunch as opposed to coffee, but on the other hand I guess there aren’t that many things to do that put you in an environment where you can just chat with someone.  It is interesting that meeting people usually involves food of sorts and for most people it is over coffee.  What is it about the atmosphere in a good coffee shop that makes it ideal, or is it the coffee itself?  Maybe Jen from Daily Demitasse can or has answered this question.  Is the coffee shop the original social networking site?


  1. Hey! I do the "lets have coffee". I don't like lunch because I can't really talk while I'm eating. Coffee is more relaxing.

    Why is it always with food? I guess you have to do it anyways, so might as well have some company.
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  2. I do the “let’s have coffee sometime” too… It’s just easier to talk. I don’t do luch because I can’t talk very much while I’m eating so prefer something lighter.

    Anyways, I have no idea why food? I guess you have to do it anyways so why not with company.

  3. I meet up with some friends too yesterday and yeah it do involve food and coffee. Hmmm, maybe right coffee shops is the original social site.

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