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This one time… In Middle School School…

Today’s post is brought to you with inspiration from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.  Every week she posts a couple prompts and you choose one or more to write about.  It is a fun way to find something to write about and maybe get a few more hits on your blog.  I obviously don’t participate every week, but when there are prompts that spark my interest I have been know to write about them. That being said, the prompt that I...

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You want to fit that where?

We are working on what will probably turn out to be the second largest show of the season at the theatre and it has got everyone at the end of their rope.  The show is Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, the wonderful christmas musical by the good Jewish boy.  Smart guy, capitalizing on the prevailing American culture!  Probably wouldn’t sell as many tickets to a show called “White Chanukkah…” That being said, the...

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Worm in the Apple

What is worse than finding a worm int your Apple?  Finding half a worm. Don’t get me wrong, I would never trade my Mac for a Windoze machine ever.  I can’t stand Windoze and I really just tolerate the idiosyncrasies of Office because I have yet to really find a suitable replacement that is actually compatible with the rest of the world.  That being said, I really want to know: WT-Fuck is going on at Apple these days?  I can’t...

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Saving Dalight (or not)

I couldn’t really come up with a better title.  I had ideas for posts this week and now none of them seem worth writing about or inspiring or something.  It is quite possible that the recent events of the evening had an effect on that.  I had been thinking about writing something about election day, but that didn’t happen.  It would have been something about how I don’t really know enough about local politics to make educated...

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Winter Camping

So, I have one more backpedaling blog post that I wanted to write.  This is what happens when you are out of touch with technology for a week.  It felt pretty good to do that, but then when you come back and realize that you are behind on things, well, it never really balances out.  At least I can try. So, upon my return from Ithaca I met my brother in the Salt Lake City airport as he just flew in for the week.  The idea for the week was to do...

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