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Bloggerstock: What Inspires You?

I’m Leanna and I’m taking over Alex’s blog as part of this month’s edition of Bloggerstock!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Bloggerstock is a new and innovative type of blog swap.  Instead of two bloggers swapping posts for a day, Bloggerstock forms a chain of blog posts.  Keep clicking through all the posts to read them all!  Head on over to my blog OMG I moved to NYC to read Emily’s thoughts...

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Snow Dogs

I don’t really have much to blog at the moment, but the dogs (Ava and Zoe) are cute in the huge snow in Franconia, NH.  I wish that I was able to romp around in the snow with the dogs.  For now we can all enjoy the video!...

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Knee Knews

So, I finally had my MRI this past Monday.  That was much less exciting than I thought it would be, though it is still pretty cool.  Laying still for each of the scans is bloody difficult, and it doesn’t really help when the technician reminds you.  I almost ended up with a pretty good cramp in my leg as I realized that what I was doing was tensing all the muscles in my leg.  Of course when i realized that in the middle of a scan I...

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Treatment Ahead

So, if you follow mw on twitter you may have noticed a couple tweets about my dealings/frustrations with Workers Compensation (WCF) regarding my injured knee.  Here is the scoop.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I injured my knee at work on the day after Thanksgiving.  It has been a real bummer since then.  After my initial visit to the doctor, he wanted to get an MRI to determine what is really wrong.  Well, WCF has spent the past...

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Staying in Utah (for now)

So, I got the call from CalArts regarding the job that I went out there to interview for.  After calling all of my references it sounded like they had narrowed down their search to two candidates, myself and one other person.  When they called this morning I was in our bi-annual “State of the Theatre” meeting.  We are in OK shape, and our artistic director has announced his retirement for the end of next season. That being said, I...

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