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Theatre Magic – 50 in 12 in 2

Some magicians never reveal their secrets, but for the impressive scene shift that we execute in Pioneer Theatre Company’s production of Clybourne Park, we decided to show it off.  So, as both a technician and the staff photographer I kind of had my hands in the whole process and now have a cool time-laps video to share. For those who don’t know the show, Clybourne Park, by Bruce Norris, was written as a...

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Postcard Exchange: Ready to Mail

Well my postcards for the 20SB postcard exchange are ready to mail (along with at least one extra). Thanks to the recent postage rate increase, the domestic cards get a healthy three stamps to get to the $0.33.  I have to go over to the post office for the international ones because the rate has gone from $0.85 to a whopping $1.10.  However, there is now a global forever stamp that I intend to pick up because these international post cards are...

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Shipping Art

Ok, here is a post that I have been dragging my feet on, but am finally getting out.  Probably inspired by the latest shipping art that I received this week that really took the cake.  Over the past year I have noticed a handful of people requesting and receiving what I have termed “Shipping Art.” After the past summer where one of my good friends at camp had received some pretty cool art, I started to do it myself. What is shipping...

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20SB Postcard Exchange

While my lovely wife has embarked on an epic postcard project in which she is sending a postcard to someone every day, I thought that it might be fun to take on the 20SB post card exchange. I actually enjoy writing and receiving mail.  I mean who doesn’t like receiving real mail. I would also venture to guess that most bloggers out there enjoy writing, though I suppose some would rather sit at a keyboard than pick up a pen.  Me, on the...

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