postcard-buttonWhile my lovely wife has embarked on an epic postcard project in which she is sending a postcard to someone every day, I thought that it might be fun to take on the 20SB post card exchange. I actually enjoy writing and receiving mail.  I mean who doesn’t like receiving real mail. I would also venture to guess that most bloggers out there enjoy writing, though I suppose some would rather sit at a keyboard than pick up a pen.  Me, on the other hand, I will be filling up the reservoir of my fountain pen and scratching out at least four post cards to bloggers who I have never met, but after I get this post up on my blog I will go and visit theirs.  At least we are doing our part to the keep the postal service in business!

So, the bloggers who I have been randomly assigned to through the powers of the 20SB team are:

Lindsay from, Cathrine from, Leslie from, and last but not least Evelyn Like I said before, I dont’ know these bloggers, and they are not people whose blogs I have been reading, but maybe that will change!

I am looking forward to sending and receiving some postcards, I love mail. Having grown up going to sumer camp, I used to write letters all summer. Even in the past years when I was working at summer camp I wrote letters to my wife and friends almost every day.  What will be really great is if people write back and we start a correspondence dialog.  No matter what happens you will get a taste of snail mail here on my blog.

If you weren’t part of the exchange, but you want to exchange some post cards, feel free to leave a comment or email! I would be happy to send more!