What a Decade has in Store

Today I was given another award type thing from the wonderful Debbie over at Debbie: The College Years.  Debbie is another theatre person, in fact she is currently studying theatre.  We theatre people seem to have a knack for finding eachother in the world, it is a very bizarre and cool thing.  This award is the “You are Going Places Baby” award which I suppose is kind of more like a meme than an award, but hey, we don’t have...

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Another Award

You know, for as much as blog awards are kind of the chain letters of the blogshpere, I don’t think it matters who you are, you probably still enjoy getting them.  I suppose it is partially the feeling that someone out there actually does read your blog and also that someone thinks enough of your blog to pass along the award.  So, this award comes from my friend, the lovely Wilmary of NYC Island Girl.  It is the “I ♥ Your...

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I am Blogger Ninja…

…You see nothing! So, not only has my blog passed the 200 post landmark this week, I was also given this amazing blog award.  This is the “Master of Karate and Friendship” Award.  Given to me by a great friend whom I met through 20SB, Kris, who blogs at Because or Why Not.  One day I hope to convince her to come out here to Utah to do some snowboarding!  It is certainly an honor to receive this award from her, and if you want...

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