Hasa Diga Eebowai

Well, I am not sure that this really is the right title for this post, but it is the title that came to mind.  If you don’t know what it means, well, you should just brush up on your musical theatre. So, you may have seen this image floating around the tubes, especially on Facebook.  I first saw it when it was shared by George Takei.  I have also heard that there is a version where Jesus’ second line is “Did I fucking...

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What a Decade has in Store

Today I was given another award type thing from the wonderful Debbie over at Debbie: The College Years.  Debbie is another theatre person, in fact she is currently studying theatre.  We theatre people seem to have a knack for finding eachother in the world, it is a very bizarre and cool thing.  This award is the “You are Going Places Baby” award which I suppose is kind of more like a meme than an award, but hey, we don’t have...

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Me in Three

I was just tagged by Risha from Epitaph for a Heart in a cool little meme that has been going around where you have to describe yourself in groups of three things.  Seeing as I don’t think I have ever really blogged about me in a “this is who I am” kind of way, this might be interesting.  I also get to tag three more people and that could be tricky in picking people who have not been tagged yet.  So, here we go.  Oh, I should...

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