Happy 2018

Here we are, New Years Day 2018! That is a whopping 4 years since my last update here… That is due to many factors, some seemingly contradictory. I mean, some of it is laziness, some of it is lack of time, some is the fact that a bunch of my websites got infected with malware and I didn’t really have time to rebuild them until now, and some may be due to lack of interest.  However, lots has happened in that span of time.  I mean, I...

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Photo Gallery!

As we near opening for our next show at the theatre I usually find myself with more free time, though I think that this time around my time will be taken up by getting ready for my honeymoon.  This mainly will involve cleaning the apartment and packing.  I am really looking forward to this trip.  It is the first real vacation that Ruth and I will be taking alone together.  It Should be really fun and I am sure it will feel like it was too...

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Where have I been?

Ok folks, it has been quite the long stint since I last posted here.  Every blogger says it on a regular basis, but life has just been totally crazy.  My last post was in May, before I went to camp, before I got married, and before the current season at the theatre.  It was almost before the summer really started and now winter is starting.  I have been kind of bad about lots of things in the digital world of communication though.  I have been...

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Mother’s Day

Happy mother’s day Mom! I have to saw, I have an awesome mother.  Sure, there have been and probably will continue to be times that we don’t see eye-to-eye, but never the less, I love my mother. Of particular note, this year she qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon.  Not only did she run the marathon, but she ran it is a great time.  I was a little bummed that I couldn’t be there to stand out on Comm Ave near my...

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Snow Dogs

I don’t really have much to blog at the moment, but the dogs (Ava and Zoe) are cute in the huge snow in Franconia, NH.  I wish that I was able to romp around in the snow with the dogs.  For now we can all enjoy the video!...

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Too Much to do, Too Little Time

This is the post where I am going to tell about the secret project I mentioned a few times, but that is going to be towards the end of the post…. (just to keep you reading) Some of you may have drifted by the blog in the last couple weeks and wondered where I have been.  Some of you probably couldn’t care less, and those of you who actually know me probably spent the last two weeks in the same building as me for the duration of said...

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