Happy 2018

Here we are, New Years Day 2018! That is a whopping 4 years since my last update here… That is due to many factors, some seemingly contradictory. I mean, some of it is laziness, some of it is lack of time, some is the fact that a bunch of my websites got infected with malware and I didn’t really have time to rebuild them until now, and some may be due to lack of interest.  However, lots has happened in that span of time.  I mean, I...

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Where have I been?

Ok folks, it has been quite the long stint since I last posted here.  Every blogger says it on a regular basis, but life has just been totally crazy.  My last post was in May, before I went to camp, before I got married, and before the current season at the theatre.  It was almost before the summer really started and now winter is starting.  I have been kind of bad about lots of things in the digital world of communication though.  I have been...

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The Neighbors

I don’t spend an exorbitant amount of time at home generally, but I spend enough.  Almost a year ago, Ruth and I moved into our current apartment and we have been very happy with it.  Around the time that we moved in, and within the next few months there was a fairly sizable turnover of residents in the complex (two, four unit, single floor buildings).  There were two empty units when we moved in, and I know that at least two others...

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Apples to Apples

If you have never played Apples to Apples you should give it a shot, it is a lot of fun.  I played tonight with Ruth and her family.  It has been quite a long time since I have had this kind of fun with a game, and it has certainly been quite a while since I have had such a good laugh.  Here is what I am tonight (in order by rounds): Naïve Loud Classic Sultry Worldly Industrious Creative Tame Saintly Exquisite European Hot Unusual Violent...

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Dish Jenga

At some point I think that it is an inevitability (unless you are my parents) that there is a game of dish jenga going on in everyone’s kitchen. Sometimes it is probably two games, the one with the dirty dishes in the sink and the one with the clean dishes on the drying rack. I even have a dishwasher but I can’t seem to avoid a pile of dishes in the sink. For me, one of the driving forces behind doing dishes is when I can’t...

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If you are wondering what Zordak is, you are asking the wrong question.  You should be asking who Zordak is.  Zordak is the king of the universe, also known as Zordak KOTU.  Zordak is a character from a bunch of “stories” that my brother wrote while he was in elementary school.  I don’t remember any of the stories now and it wouldn’t surprise me if the originals were lost in the fire that my parents had back when I was...

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