Life is like that sometimes

“Freedom! Heading home for a much needed day off.” ~Christine Macken (1985-2010) I often have written about how life is short and we need to make the best of what we have.  Sometimes the stark reality in that sentiment comes out and slaps you in the face.  I have often looked around me at my friends, finding it so strange that they were getting married and some even having children, but when it comes to my contemporaries passing...

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Of Silence

Can silence be? the background hum the world ever present alone at night sitting silence has a sound Cars on the street pages flitter drafts send plumes of swirling past sheets rustle against bare skin there is none but me who sit contemplating no other presence to fill rooms Outside when the snow falls gentle on the field On darkened stages empty void This is where the silence lives consuming beautiful alone I think the last time I posted any...

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Camp Haiku

These are actually from last summer. I don’t really remember what inspired me to write them, but I did. Right before I camp to camp last summer, I went on a camping trip with my cousins to all the Utah National Parks and to the Grand Canyon. We sped some time writing hiakus there, so that is probably where the format came from. Most of these are a little biased towards FA, but some work for both IA and FA. Enjoy! Tall pine sentinels High above...

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