JustHost – if that’s all you need

About a year ago I started surfing the web looking for a web host to host my blog, my fiance’s blog, and eventually the Bloggerstock website.  Spent some time on Google and I landed on  They gett pretty high ratings when you search for hosting reviews.  Almost always in the top 10 if not in the top three.  They offer a pretty darn good price for unlimited everything (which isn’t truly unlimited), and they make some...

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Hosting Issues: Need Your Help

So, I have been having some ongoing issues with hosting of my blog and some my fiancee’s and my other sites.  We are in the playing with migrating web hosts and I have move some sites to a new host already.  Suffice it to say, this weekend was an interesting weekend.  I learned that even with the great support that my original host claimed to have, they were not very impressive. I might write a real review later after we decide if we want...

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My Blog is Carbon Neutral

So there is this really cool thing that I discovered thanks to Island Gal over at NYC Island Gal and that is a German organization that is working on neutralizing the carbon footprint of the blogsphere.  This is a pretty interesting concept, and the fact that it is free makes it even better.  Sure, many hosting services off the option to host your site on “green” servers, but usually you end up paying a premium for that service, and...

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Why is it that sometimes you think that you have a great idea, a thought for a post that couldn’t be better, but when you sit down to try to put the words on the page, it just doesn’t feel the same?  I know that everyone feels that sometimes.  I wouldn’t so much call it writer’s block as much as it is just the possible lack of flesh on the original concept.  I don’t even actually remember what it was that I had...

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Another Award

You know, for as much as blog awards are kind of the chain letters of the blogshpere, I don’t think it matters who you are, you probably still enjoy getting them.  I suppose it is partially the feeling that someone out there actually does read your blog and also that someone thinks enough of your blog to pass along the award.  So, this award comes from my friend, the lovely Wilmary of NYC Island Girl.  It is the “I ♥ Your...

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My Blog: A Celebration of History

This post is the 200th entry on my blog.  I have entries that date back to 2005 on here.  It is true that this domain and WordPress were not always the home of my blogging, but to me, it is all the same.  It is the collection of my thoughts, feelings and emotions.  I have blogged on a few other services over the years.  In fact, the other day I re-discovered probably my first ever blog (if that is what it was called at that point) over on...

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