Mondays on Music

Music on Monday: Way Over Yonder

So, I have been working on another song that I started to lay down some tracks for.  I have to give my brother some credit for this one as he is the one who introduced me to the original Woody Guthrie tune and a recent cover by Billy Bragg and Wilco.  I like folk music, it is always fun to play.  I wish I had the chance to play this song over the summer with my brother, but he never made it up to camp.  He wanted to play it too, so maybe...

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Bloggerstock: What is your theme song?

It is that time again.  Bloggerstock is here and this time we have expanded beyond the ten founders of the event.  Personally, I have been quite impressed with the turnout, and how easy it was to really keep things organized.  I shouldn’t dawdle on that subject though, that is not the purpose of this post! In an ironically convenient twist of fate, the bloggerstock post date falls on a Monday, which suits the theme that I sometimes have...

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Music On Mondays

It has been a while since I have done a music post on Monday.  Last night I pulled out my guitar to play for a while as I was feeling inspired by the nice weather.  I like playing the guitar, and I am looking forward to the summer and being back at camp and doing a bunch of playing.  There is definitely something about the nice weather of the summer that makes me want to do more playing. Last summer, my brother and I played together at camp....

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Music on Mondays: I Love the World

I am sure that by now almost everyone has heard or seen the Discovery Channel’s commercials with the “I Love the World” or “Boom-de-ah-da” song.  If you haven’t, you might just want to check it out below (I even linked a version with lyrics so that you can sing along!): From the first time that I heard this advertisement I think that I have had the song stuck in my head.  I suppose that is exactly what the...

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Music on Mondays

So, I have had a song stuck in my head for weeks, maybe months.  I have even started to learn it on the guitar.  What song you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you.  Fireflies by Owl City.  It is only on the radio every  day.  Sure, generally I listen to classic rock stations, but i mean really, sometimes you just have to surf for something different or to avoid the commercials.  Though sometimes it seems like every station goes to commercials at...

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Monday’s on Music #3: Ski Songs

Over a winter I get out and do a lot of skiing. Last season I had something like 50 ski days, and this year I am still working on my count. One might say that I am a regular ski bum, but I can be due to the fact that A lot of the work that I do at the theatre is in the evening. It is really a great life! A good portion of the days that I go skiing, I go by myself. NOt many of my friends have as flexible a schedule as I do. One of the things...

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