At Sea

Stage Manager’s Log M.S. Prinsendam Sunday, July 9, 2006 At Sea Today is the last real day of the cruise. I got my debark information this morning and started to take care of some of the things I need to do. It is a sea day though, so there is a lot going on. As with the end of every cruise we had Sea Quest this morning. Exciting as usual. After that they announced Mr. and Mrs. Prinsendam, and then Peter gave his debark talk followed by...

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Oslo, Norway

Stage Manager’s Log M.S. Prinsendam Saturday, July 8, 2006 Oslo, Norway This morning started with some drama in rehearsal as we had problems getting the new tape to play, and then we couldn’t get the old tape to play right, and it was a mess. We finally got everything working again. it was a little strange. We also had a problem with Rachel’s mic, but we think that it might be an issue with the console. This theatre is falling apart. No...

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Stage Manager’s Log M.S. Prinsendam Friday, July 7, 2006 Copenhagen, Denmark Today was a nice day. I got up in time to catch the tail end of continental breakfast, which is fine by me. I ran into Peter, Chris, and Paul at breakfast so I sat and ate with them. We talked about what Paul was going to do for his show, and how to try to make light of the fact that the airlines lost his show. We also set up some rehearsal time in the evening....

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Warnemünnde, Germany

Stage Manager’s Log M.S. Prinsendam Thursday, July 6, 2006 Warnemünnde, Germany Today was very different from most days as we had no show. Instead of a show we had Bierfest on the Lido Deck. So that is a great thing because no show means no rehearsal. So effectively I had a day off. In the morning I did help Peter move some boxes that were being offloaded and transferred to the Amsterdam. I tripped an twisted my ankle doing that, and it...

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Gdansk, Poland – Day 2

Stage Manager’s Log M.S. Prinsendam Wednesday, July 5, 2006 Gdansk, Poland – Day 2 Today started at 0930 with a fire drill followed by a surprise traffic director’s drill. That was exciting. To top that off, there was no water this morning as they were working on the plumbing. So, no shower this morning. As soon as the drill was over I made it upstairs with barely enough time to get some breakfast. After breakfast I went down to the...

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Gdansk, Poland – Day 1

Stage Manager’s Log M.S. Prinsendam Tuesday, July 4, 2006 Gdansk, Poland – Day 1 Today was a half sea day, half port day as we didn’t arrive in Gdansk until about 1600. So this morning started like a sea day with a port lecture by Barbara at 0930. After the lecture we had a captain’s chat. Every time we do a captain’s chat I learn something new about him as people ask different questions and he tells different stories. After the chat, the...

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