Day Off Brownie Points

Ever been at a loss as to what to do on a day off?  I am not sure that I have ever really felt like I didn’t know what to do on a day off.  Usually it is just sleep in and hang out for a day.  I mean, last night I was practically falling asleep during the show.  Keeping myself awake was a challenge even with the fact that there are a lot of cues in the show.  This weekend though I volunteered to help load in for an ice show. Yeah, at the...

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DRM, P2P, Sharing

Just a heads up, this post could turn into a bit of a rant. Recently I noticed that I was having issues connecting with the wireless network that has been deployed where I work.  For the sake of privacy I won’t name any of the organizations involved, just know that my direct employer operates under the umbrella of a larger entity who maintains the networks and all the IT stuff. In any event, I sent the helpdesk an email to ask them what...

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Most Bizarre Ski Day

It is quite possible that yesterday was one of the best ski days of the season.  You know that it is going to be a good day when you get to the canyon road and they are advising 4×4 or chains.  You also know that it is going to be a good day when you get to the mountain and you hear the avalanche guns going (I really want to see them actually shoot the guns, that would be cool).  Of course there is always the question of whether or not you...

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As I have mentioned many times in my last few posts, the current show at the theatre is Our Town by Thornton Wilder.  I am not sure what it is about the play, but it really speaks to me, certainly more so now than when I have read it in the past.  I am sure that a lot of that feeling comes from the fact that I am older now and I understand more of what is going on in the story.  I believe that I have also mentioned that I will probably...

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Recap, Rocky, Ralxing

It seems like it has been a while since I wrote anything about what is going on in life.  It has been a nice relaxing week since I don’t have to be at the theatre every night pushing the GO button.  I have been able to do things like get in a lot of skiing, see some theatre that wasn’t mine, and watch the Olympics.  I think that I only interrupted my “vacation” as-it-were, once to go to a production meeting for our next...

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Birthday Wrap Up

At 5:17AM 26 years ago I was born.  That is pretty cool in and of itself.  My parents were excited, my grandparents were excited, It sounds like it was a pretty good time.  I certainly can’t remember.  I also can’t remember the fact that when my mother got to bring me home from the hospital on February 14, she was bummed out that my father had to be working.  I do remember things like the day my sister was born because it was the...

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