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I Voted Early

Today I headed to the polls to do my civic duty and vote in the presidential election. Despite the fact that I live in a state where it would truly take an act of god to change the political views of the population. Utah is a “red” state, so as a liberal mind, my voting in a liberal fashion has been compared to things like the salmon run and swimming up stream. It is unfortunate that the way our electoral system is set up, that the...

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Health Care Reforms

The impetus for this post comes from a discussion on the topic over at 20SB that was started by Heather over at A lust for Words.  Also of note, I wrote this post yesterday and held it for today, just because.  Much of the text is is the same as the response that I posted in the discussion linked to above. By now I would imagine that most Americans know that the Health Care Reform bill was passed.  The question on most people’s minds...

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Sex ED

So, I mentioned yesterday that Utah lawmakers shot down a bill that would have changed the way that sexual education is taught in public schools.  I realize that often this is a sensitive subject everywhere, but it seems like if you are going to be able to teach sex ed at all, you might is well do it right and not leave things out! One of the major purposes of the bill was to allow educators to talk more openly about contraception and...

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Citius, Altius, Fortius.

The 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver Opening Ceremonies I am writing this while watching the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, however I won’t post it until the morning.  It will probably take that long to really put my amazement into words.  I love watching the Winter Olympics no matter what, but this year the opening ceremonies are amazing.  This production is amazingly beautiful and it is...

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War Games

“Would you like to play a game?” Many people around my age or older probably recognize that line from the 1983 film “War Games” starring Matthew Broderick.  The WOPR, a military supercomputer puts the US and Soviet armies on high alert when David Lightman (Broderick) hacks into it thinking it is a game developer’s.  Needless to say, playing “Global Thermonuclear War” online with an unknown computer...

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Haitian Relief

While I don’t always pay attention to the news, it is hard to not hear about the relief efforts that have been going on in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.  The big interesting news is that the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) sent a huge convoy to Haiti to help.  The interesting thing about that is that Israel did it basically completely unannounced.  They didn’t file any flight-plans, they just showed up in  two 747s and a...

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