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Bloggerstock: Potential Postcards

It is that crazy time of the month again, when bloggers unite for a little blogging fun known as bloggerstock!  This month I am happy to be hosting a good blogger friend and fellow founder of Bloggerstock, Shinxy.  She never fails to speak her mind and she is always interesting to read.  Hopefully you all enjoy her writing as much as I do! As usual, Shinxy’s post is very blunt and some may see it as controversial.  If you actually read...

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Office Duty

It isn’t very often that I get to sit in the office while not much happens at camp.  I do it when I need to, which isn’t such a regular occurrence, and in the long run, I don’t really mind doing it.  In the wake of parent’s weekend there isn’t really a lot going on in the office anyway as kids don’t have phone times for a few days since they just saw their parents.  So really all I am doing is answering the...

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Time Flies When…

Time really just seems to fly and stand still all at the same time.  We say it all the time at camp (and I probably say it here a bunch as well): “The days are really long, but the weeks go by fast!”  Days like today (though most days at camp) just seem to go on and on and on.  I suppose the fact that this morning started at least an hour earlier than normal was probably a contributing factor.  I had to get up early to go down to...

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Rainy River Romp

It is a rainy summer afternoon, no thunder and lighting, just rain.  What would you rather do: sit in a hot sweaty gym and watch a movie, sit in your cabin reading or playing card games, or get out on the field and play an amazingly disorganized game of flag football?  Even if you think you are an “indoor” kid, if you answered yes to either of the first two options, you should be ashamed of yourself.  It doesn’t matter if you...

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The Evening After

Have you ever noticed that the sunset is usually significantly more exciting and colorful on an evening after a storm?  I suppose I could just be making that up or dreaming it, but I think that it is true.  When the clouds break up and the sun gets low in the sky the golden color really shows through.  Summer evenings here in Maine are almost always pretty spectacular, but on a night like tonight, after two days of bad weather, it seems like...

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