Office Duty

It isn’t very often that I get to sit in the office while not much happens at camp.  I do it when I need to, which isn’t such a regular occurrence, and in the long run, I don’t really mind doing it.  In the wake of parent’s weekend there isn’t really a lot going on in the office anyway as kids don’t have phone times for a few days since they just saw their parents.  So really all I am doing is answering the phone if it rings and playing the last couple bugle calls of the evening.  It is really exciting!

Camp is pretty quiet now after parent’s weekend.  We had a fairly significant decrease in the number of campers and we have a group of 11 out on a six day trip to Canada, so there aren’t too many people in camp.  It is kind of a double edged sword in that it is easier to deal with fewer kids, but it is harder to get some activities really going.  It is noticeable during the day that there are fewer kids, and today we had a bunch of kids out at a football game, so this week we are running a condensed schedule with fewer choices so that the activities that are open have enough kids.  I think that it helps.

We have also been having some of the most beautiful weather over the past few days.  This is the kind of Northern New England Summer that I really love.  While we have had a few hot and humid days, for the most part it is been very nice.  Last night was one of the most beautiful nights of the summer.  We had a nice sunset over campfire and then the moon was just spectacular.  I believe that tonight is the full moon, but last night the moon was so bright you could have pretty much done any outdoor activity.

When you live in a city you probably don’t really take the time to notice or it may not even be possible to notice how beautiful the world is under the glow of the full moon.  Out here we send out overnight hikes on and around the full moon, just to do something different and exciting.  Co-Ed Naked Full Moon Night Hikes – shoes and socks required…. Well, not really, but it sounds good (but hey, don’t you remember that t-shirt line?).

I am still sad to say that it seems like no one has taken me up on my postcards project idea.  My mailbox here at camp has been particularly empty save for a few random bills that have been forwarded from home.  I had hoped that I would be writing to a few of you and have some postcards to decorate the plain walls of my cabin, but alas, it seems that the art of handwritten mail is fading.  At least I have had some people to write to who I knew about before.  There are at least two people who hopefully received postcards from me (one may not have made it due to being a couple pennies short on postage).

So that is the extent of my thinking.  I get distracted easily here at camp.  As much as it seems like not much is going on, lots of things are really going on and the days are pretty darn full.  It is nice to have time to think every now and then, but it doesn’t come all that often.






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