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I don’t really get all of these new social networking and blogging sites that seem to spring up every day. However, I spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer (which probably isn’t good) and it seems that everyone has the next new thing. I mean, I have Facebook (which I have had since it was new), Twitter (in multiple accounts), slathers of IM accounts, Google Wave, my own websites (with blogs), and now Tumblr. I guess I will see if it is worth it.

Really, today I was just sitting around since I finished working on the Leg Lamp for “A Christmas Story” and I just need George to give an OK on it. I don’t actually have the lamps that I need for the front of the car in the show because the ones that I thought I would use are not correct. It is I good thing that I didn’t need them for “Miss Saigon” last season when I bought them. So, new headlamps are on the way that will actually work with the battery system that I plan to use.

So where does that leave me? Sitting in my office reading all the tweets that come in from people going to LDI 2009, which is making me kinda jealous. Hopefully next year when LDI is in Vegas I will be able to convince the theatre that they should send me. It is professional development, and I deserve to go. I will probably go no matter what, but if they pay for it, that would be awesome. I think that the University offers some grants for professional development so I might have to look into that as well.

Then of course there is this whole thing with possibly setting up my own company so that I can do the job that ETC wants to contract with me. That would be really cool. I have other options and I don’t know what is going to make the most sense. it may all come down to how much money I will take home when everything is said and done. i have a local company who would be willing to take me on their payroll, thus covering me with their insurance to be able to do the job, the question is, after they take their cut to cover overhead, what will I walk away with? So, we shall see.






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